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                   AUTOFIBRE LIMITED

Autofibre Limited has been designing and manufacturing fibreglass products for over 3 years now. The company’s success is due to the flexibility and total commitment to you, our customers.

We are always pleased to be involved with the initial design and development of products in order to overcome any potential problems and also to advise on the most beneficial methods of fibreglass  moulding.

Autofibre Limited principal objective is to provide high quality GRP fibreglass Manufactured products. We have a team of highly trained specialists to handle all of our manufacturing.

Our key selling point is quality workmanship, customer focus and timely delivery.

We also utilize accurate processes and systems which guarantee efficiency and truly superior service in all areas of our operations. This has earned us an enviable reputation in the industry which we endeavor to always protect.


“To be an internationally recognised and reputable Fibre Products Manufacture and consultancy firm that thrives on the best business services and customer satisfaction of the highest level”.


Autofibre Ltd aims to be a pioneer in all its fibreglass endeavors and set benchmarks while focusing on sustainable growth so as to:

  • To achieve leadership status in the core sector, across the world

  • To employ frontline technologies to meet the highest global standards in products and services

  • To set benchmarks in manufacturing and environmental performance

  • To be a customer-first, quality-obsessed, socially sensitive corporate entity

  • To achieve breakthroughs in manufacturing based on intensive R&D

  • To ensure well-being of all our stake-holders; upholding such values as integrity, trust, concern, empathy and commitment

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