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kiambu mall

About Kiambu Mall

Kiambu Mall is an ultra-modern shopping complex situated on Kiambu road in the heart of Kiambu town. It is the first shopping complex of its kind conveniently located close to the main road giving it’s patrons easy access whether on foot or via public and private transport. The malls location gives it a view that overlooks the vast Kiambu area with its expanse of greenery and picturesque residential buildings.

The Mall comprises of 5 floors: Basement, Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor and the Rooftop. The basement provides easily accessible safe and secure parking and all the floors are interconnected by elevators, travellators and escalators which assist shoppers to navigate round the Mall with speed and efficiency. There will be a total of approximately 80 tenants offering a good tenant mix and many options for the shopper.The mall is keenly interested in the needs of its community and the environment, and aims to be part of the growth, and modernization of Kiambu Town.

Kiambu Mall is going to be the first and the largest shopping mall within Kiambu town  The mall, which is being developed by the Mugaa Investments will change the shopping landscape in Kiambu and probably set the pace for other developments either within the town or its outskirts.

The major challenge has probably been the lack of adequate and convenient space for setting up a large supermarket, of which the Kiambu Mall is set to provide.

The Kiambu Mall is strategically located in the heart of Kiambu town and near the Kiambu county headquarters. The four floors Kiambu Mall will have an area of 14,300 square meters and a parking space for over 100 vehicles.

Economic Activities in Kiambu County

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