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Overview: Interactive Web Solutions had the privilege of collaborating with Finnet Trust Services Limited to create a dynamic and versatile WordPress multisite website. This project aimed to establish an online presence for Finnet Trust and its diverse service offerings, each housed under separate but interconnected microsites:

Finnet Space: A hub for governance consulting services.
Finnet Consulting: Providing expert financial advisory.
Finnet Insurance: Focusing on insurance products and services.
Finnet Trainings: Offering specialized training programs.

Our Role: Our team meticulously designed and developed the multisite platform, ensuring a seamless user experience while maintaining distinct identities for each microsite. Key project highlights include:


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Customized Design: Tailoring the design to reflect each division’s unique branding and objectives.
Smooth Navigation: Implementing a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation between microsites.
Responsive Layout: Ensuring optimal performance and adaptability across various devices.

Result: The multisite web solution successfully established an online ecosystem for Finnet Trust Services Limited, enabling them to showcase their comprehensive suite of services effectively. Each microsite caters to specific client needs while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

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