Kilifi Plantations

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Kilifi plantations Ltd is located at 360˚N within Kilifi County. Established in 1920 as a sisal plantation, it was privately bought in 1963 and today remains an ongoing agricultural business.

Kilifi Plantations is now a private ranch of 2500 ha at the Kenya coast near Kilifi, north of Mombasa. Sisal is grown for export and milk is produced which is retailed in the surrounding area. The ranch is located at approximately 10 m above sea level on the Indian Ocean at 3.5º latitude south. Annual rainfall averaged 1043 mm, The main rainy season is from April through June, with a shorter rainy period in September and October.

Currently, Kilifi Plantations Ltd consists of a leading national dairy herd milking 400 animals daily producing 3,000 litres a day.
The farm also produces 350 tonnes annually of sisal fibre of export quality. Kilifi Plantations Ltd is also home of the famous Kilifi beef which is sold throughout the Coast Region.
Kilifi Plantations Ltd has also pioneered biogas technology is the first major agricultural business to incorporate biogas energy into the operational setup.

We also Have Kilifi plantations Mushroom which produces quality, fresh Mushrooms for sale in Kilifi and Coast region. Mushroom production in Kilifi plantation ltd, started in 2010 in collaboration with Pwani university as it’s pioneers in the region and it has steadily gained ground in Kilifi County after farmers realized that it is a potentially lucrative business venture.