Top 7 Must-Have E-commerce Store Features in 2023

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Top 7 Must-Have E-commerce Store Features in 2023

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has derived more eCommerce stores to facilitate customers with online booking and doorstep delivery to avoid outings. Thus, read the article to know the Top 7 must-have e-commerce store features in 2023 after the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has pressed the pause button globally. However, this article is helpful for all e-commerce merchants to seek benefits in 2023 from this huge shift. Mobile Commerce has grown too much during the lockdown. Even it has become an essential part of the ecommerce industry to thrive in the market. Henceforth, now online almost every merchant’s focus is on improving the customer experience for mobile users.

AI and AR technology is influencing eCommerce merchants and enhancing the customers’ shopping experience. not for expressing programs you’ve already thought of. It should be a pencil, not a pen. Furthermore, eCommerce merchants are making online shopping more easier and convenient for shoppers with personalized recommendations. Multichannel Selling must for eCommerce merchants to generate more revenue and drive more shoppers to the store in the 2021 pandemic situation.

Wallet System

Zero dependencies of cash on delivery for orders, also, it will keep delivery man and customer contact-free. Auto recharge of wallets (balance amount) using credit cards, UPI, etc. It will increase the inflow of funds in 2023 inside the e-commerce store before any order is placed. The wallet system during checkout will only speed up the process as no payment gateway is required to get involved.

If any customer is having the amount in their mobile wallet. Then it will only increase the chances of customers placing orders in the near future as they will only think to spend their wallet balance.

Thus, avoid visiting ATMs, stay home and stay safe no need to take the risk on life. And use an e-wallet and online payments for easier and safer orders and delivery.

  • Lower Costs – eWallet system allows paying directly using online mediums so no need for a cashier.
  • Competitive Advantages – The wallet system allows users with multiple competitive advantages to the buyers.
  • Modern and advanced approach for eCommerce owners and customers.
  • Security – e-wallet system provides high security with the pattern, pin, including fingerprint scanner to authorize every transaction.
  • Safe bank card information – Now, no longer necessary to give card details every time.
  • Convenient – Easy to use just log in and make hassle-free payments anywhere anytime using the internet.
  • AutoPay Facility – This system facilitates the user to start and set auto-deduction for their weekly, monthly, and annual transaction.
  • Offers and Promotions – The wallet system comes with plenty of money-saving offers by providing discounts, cashback, offers, free gifts, and promo codes.
  • Quick Transfer of Funds – Facilitates users to make a quick transfer of funds and the best part is e-wallets are allowing payment transfers without any charge.

Mobile Application

Stay away from the crowd and stay safe! In this global pandemic, mobile apps can drive more sales for eCommerce merchants as it is the demand of the time.

Being a business owner it is essential to serve with safety so facilitate customers to make the purchase from the mobile itself through the mobile app.

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